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How Do Real Estate and Interior Design Intersect?

As a realtor and someone with a background in interior design, real estate and interior design are perfectly complementing each other. The roles of real estate agent and interior designer may appear to be fundamentally incompatible. But interior design is becoming increasingly recognized as an important aspect of the property market. Prepare for the next big discussion once you’ve decided to sell your house: interior design.

Interior Design is Essential to Real Estate

How do real estate and interior design intersect?

Interior Design Adds Value

It’s a misunderstanding that selling a house is all about the money. It’s only natural that as a seller, you’d want to get the most money out of your home’s sales. Investing money in revamping your space today, believe it or not, can help you acquire a higher buying price later.

When a realtor determines the ideal list price for your home, he or she considers the qualities of your home and compares them to similar homes that are now on the market or have just sold. Location, square footage, and interior design are just a few of these features.

You can’t do anything to improve the first two features. Your lot will always sell for less than a similar property in a quiet community if it is located near a major road. The same can be said for a property with small rooms versus one with large ones. However, you have full flexibility over the architectural spaces.

Kitchen upgrades, materials used, bathroom remodels, and whether or not you have a full basement are all taken into account when deciding whether to list one house higher than another. They are also considered by buyers when deciding how much to offer. A low offer is more likely to be made on a badly designed than one with a well-kept interior that adds value to the price.

Interior Design Generates Traffic

How do real estate and interior design intersect?

Marketing a home for sale is the first step in the process. When potential buyers search for a home, they are provided listings. Each property listing includes a brief description of the home. It includes information such as the number of bedrooms/bathrooms/square feet, and images. The purchasers choose which homes they want to see based on this information. 

Because buyers often look at multiple listings at the same time, it’s important to make yours stand out – and that’s where interior design comes in.

At the end of the day, the design and condition of your property or home help in attracting buyers. The more people who come to see your home, the more probable it is that someone will make an offer to buy it. 

What are the advantages of an interior design background?

Someone with an interior design background not only has “the eye,” but also knows how to make suggestions to turn a potential property into a desirable space. This is what will give them an advantage in a competitive marketplace. Those that are passionate about their business and love developing personal relationships with people from all walks of life will be able to sell that home for the highest possible price.

In the real estate and interior design industries, every day is different. They do, however, make a perfect match. Someone who is both an interior designer and a real estate agent will definitely be beneficial to their clients. They can help in terms of house staging, which will increase the visibility of their property in listings.

Do you need help with home improvements and selling your home?

As a Realtor in Colorado Springs with a background in interior design and photography, I can assist in the flipping of properties. I can be great at it by applying my design background to help clients make their homes look great when they sell. This will allow them to get more money for their homes. Real estate and interior design complement each other effectively and function well together. Call me today!

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