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9 Questions You Must Ask to Find the Perfect Realtor

To find the perfect realtor to work with you in your home buying journey must be well-thought off. It is prudent to devote some time to choosing the finest candidate for the position. Here are 9 Questions you must ask a realtor to know if he is the perfect one. 

The greatest listing agents act as coaches and copilots, guiding property sellers through a market that can be both profitable and perilous. 

To begin, ask around for suggestions and check real estate websites and classified advertising to identify the top sellers in your region. Next, schedule some meetings. Finally, pose the following questions in order to get the ideal agent for a fantastic offer.

To Fihd the Perfect Realtor, ask the following:

Question #1. How many properties have you sold in this area?

Every neighborhood, and often even every street or even every block, has its unique set of market conditions. You want to know that this agent understands the ins and outs of your neighborhood so he/she can negotiate the best price, answer buyers’ queries, and extol all the benefits (while downplaying any downsides) of your home’s location.

Question #2. What has changed in the market during the last five years?

You may inquire how long he’s/she’s been in the company, but this inquiry will tell you far more. His/Her responses should demonstrate that he/she is up to date on local trends, technical breakthroughs, and marketing methods that succeed in rapidly changing markets. He/She should be completely involved in his work. Asking this question is a big help to determine if he/she is the perfect realtor for you.

Question #3. What is your most powerful marketing tool?

This question will assist you in determining how inventive a selling agent will be in terms of building buzz. He/She should be an expert on the obvious sites and sources, but he/she should also know which strategies work best in your community, whether it’s a local newspaper that reaches the right audience or a photographer who understands how to make it sparkle online listings.

Question #4. How did your three previous sales go?

Hearing an agent’s anecdotes will tell a lot about his/her client connections. Is he/she complaining about them, or is he/she making excuses for sales that didn’t go well? Was his/her most recent sale two years ago? You might wish to avoid it. On the other hand, don’t believe inflated claims of grandeur. Check the references to ensure that the facts are correct.

Questions You Must Ask to Find the Perfect Realtor

Question #5. Who is the intended audience?

A skilled agent will not only be able to paint a fully realized picture of your home’s next owner—whether it’s a family with young children or a downsizing baby boomer—but she’ll also be able to tell you exactly how she’ll contact those people and how you can present your home in a way that addresses their needs and desires.

Question #6. What would you charge for my house?

Here’s the crux of the problem. Of course, you’ll ask the potential agent to estimate the value of your house, but you’ll also want to know how he/she arrived at that figure. He/She should provide reliable comparative and other market statistics for the local market. Be wary of an agent who gives you a figure that is far higher than the norm—he/she may be attempting to get your business by promising you riches that will not materialize.

Question #7. What exactly does your contract entail?

Test the listing agent on the specifics of the contract you’ll be required to sign. He/She should inform you how long it will run (three to six months is common in hot markets), how much the listing cost will be, and what additional terms you may expect to see.

Question #8. How frequently should I expect to hear from you?

Avoid any agent, no matter how respected, who appears to be dealing with too many customers at once. Find out how much engagement you may expect, what type of backup the agent has if she is unavailable, and how you’ll be kept up to date on showings and offers. Look for an agent that will pamper you with favorable attention. 

Question #9. Can you provide me with any references?

It is acceptable to get the names of recent clients from a realtor. In recent transactions, request to speak with the seller. Then get in touch with them! Firsthand accounts from those who have been in the trenches should go a long way toward assisting you in selecting the appropriate partner for a successful sale.

Find the Perfect Realtor!

These questions will help you find the perfect realtor for your homebuying journey. Remember that the more you know about the process ahead of time, the less stressful it will be, and the more likely you will be able to find the perfect realtor to receive the property you want at a price you can afford. When you’re through, you’ll have the confidence that comes from successfully negotiating a huge life move with the help of a realtor. Meet with the perfect realtor for you today.

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