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11 Best Home Staging Tips to Help Home Sellers

In today’s real estate market, using a few basic home staging tips will make your house stand out from the crowd.

Home staging is the process of preparing a private property for sale in the real estate market. The purpose of staging is to make a home desirable to the greatest number of possible buyers, resulting in a faster and more profitable sale. 

Staging techniques aim to increase a property’s attractiveness by making it an inviting, enticing property that any buyer can envision themselves living in and, as a result, want to buy. Here’s the list of home staging tips that You should know:

Home Staging Tips to Help Home Sellers
Improve the curb appeal

Tip #1. Make an Excellent First Impression

You may have spent hours cleaning the kitchen, and it was well worth your time. But keep in mind that the facade is the first thing a potential buyer would see about your home. A small amount of landscaping may go a long way. Are you short on time? Plants in pots put around the front entrance can offer a welcoming touch to your foyer. So, remember this first among the home staging tips we will go through.

Tip #2. Remove the photos

You want potential buyers to be able to easily image themselves living in your home, so don’t sully the idea with photos from your aunt’s 90th birthday party. Instead, assist others in connecting with the house by separating from it. If you have frames on the wall that you aren’t ready to remove, try replacing them with magnificent landscape prints or images of landmarks.

Tip #3. Redesign the Furniture

Sure, house shoppers aren’t looking for your furnishings, but that outdated living room sofa isn’t helping your home stand out. Replace worn-out furniture with fresh cushions or a covering.

Tip #4. Rearrange the Furniture

Consider rearranging the furniture in certain rooms. Your desired arrangement may not be the most enticing to potential customers. Wherever possible, choose a social plan that makes it simple to imagine the space being enjoyed by family and friends.

Tip #5. Choose Neutral Colors

If you’re prepared to use a paintbrush, tone down any aggressive color schemes in favor of neutral color schemes that will make your property more appealing to all possible buyers, regardless of their own style preferences.

Choose neutral colors

Tip #6. Remodel the Kitchen

A buyer’s overall impression of your house may be made or broken by the kitchen. You don’t have to spend on a major remodel, but a few modest and inexpensive adjustments, such as changing the hardware or covering old floorboards with a runner, will improve the area. Get rid of any devices on the counters and magnets on the fridge if you want the kitchen to feel light and roomy. When you have showings, make sure the counters, floors, grout lines, and appliances are spotless and try to avoid preparing meals with strong odors. The only thing that should be missing is a good bowl of fruit or fresh-cut flowers.

Tip #7. Declutter

Remove everything that isn’t necessary for your everyday life: remove magazines off tabletops, and take your boots out of the mudroom. Property on the market should look to be in good condition and ready for a new owner.

Tip #8. Organize the Bathroom

Another place to pay attention to when preparing your home is the bathroom. Buyers often don’t spend as much time examining this region as they do other sections of the house—they’ll either see the excellent or the poor right away. The most critical element is cleanliness. Remove mildew, mold, and soap scum, and remember to clean the toilet! Shower curtains and bathmats that have seen better days should be replaced. Finally, keep your toiletries neatly organized in baskets or jars to keep the countertops uncluttered.

Tip #9. Don’t Tuck Things in One Closet

Keep in mind that buyers visiting your property may check in every nook of every room while you clean up the clutter. So don’t attempt to hide everything in one closet! Your cache will undoubtedly be discovered, and you don’t want potential buyers to believe that closets are undersized or that the property lacks storage.

Tip #10. New Breath of Life

Make a window open. Isn’t your house already feeling cozier and more inviting? Opening windows ten minutes before showings will guarantee that your home smells fresh and does not feel stuffy.

Open windows

Tip #11. Check the Backyard

Last of our home staging tips: check your backyard. Buyers may spend more or less time inspecting the backyard space depending on the time of year. During the winter, house seekers may not expect to see outdoor furniture set up, so be sure to clean fallen leaves or snow from the patio or deck so they can see the possibilities. If the weather is nice, make sure the room is tidy and arrange some seats and tables to increase the entertainment value. And, of course, remove weeds and maintain the lawn.

These Home Staging Tips Matters

Don’t forget to add thoughtful finishing touches to your property. A bright tablecloth or an arrangement of fresh flowers may instantly transform a place, making it more inviting and saleable. If you follow these home staging steps correctly, you should sell your home quickly.

According to the National Association of Realtors‘ 2017 Staging Stats study, home staging affects how a buyer perceives the house, with 77% feeling it helps them envision it as their own. For more advice, just like these home staging tips, contact your realtor here!

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